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When winter comes, will you be ready?

Without proper maintenance, the wet winter weather can cause major damage. Here are a few easy steps you can take to make sure your home is ready for the cold and wet winter.

  • GIVE IT A WASH. Washing the exterior of your home is a great first step in preparing your home for the winter. Try to focus on cleaning around all the windows and washing the cobwebs away. Once your house is clean, you'll be able to see if further winterizing is necessary.

  • CAULK IS KING. Check for cracks around the exterior of the windows. You may have gaps where your windows meet the window trim boards. If there is a crack, caulk it. I like to use an elastomeric caulking. It rubberizes as it dries, so it will remain flexible when it's cured.

  • PRIME TIME. Check for any areas of bare wood that may be exposed. If bare wood is left exposed, it will weather faster. And if it weathers faster, it will need to be replaced faster. Also, bare wood will rot faster than painted wood. I like to use primer that comes in a spray can. It's cheaper and there's no brush to clean out when you're done.

So keep it clean, keep it sealed, and your home will be happy this winter.


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